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We had some great WWOOFERS! Thank you so much for all the help. Here's some reviews.

Tineke and Herma were extremely welcoming, interested in me as an individual and very comfortable to be around. They were very attentative to my needs and are wonderful cooks! We became fast friends when they realized Herma and I were equally clumsy. The accomodations were great, I used a private bathroom and shower. I stayed in a really cool retro caravan and had plenty of privacy. I learned SO MUCH while staying there for one short week. I learned how to transfer bee colonies, how to make awesoem soup, all about Dutch culture and Dutch farm systems, the Dutch language. I loved waking up to the sound of the chickens and local birds and meeting them for breakfast where we read our "words of wisdom" on cards for the day. I wish I could have stayed longer, and since this week we have become good friends. They even became friends with my older sister and her wife. Herma and Tineke are always smiling and ready for a good chat! I hope to come back soon. Rebecca learned us to eat heavy pancakes in the morning, we didn't need to eat the rest of the day!

Kathleen and (for a few days) her brother Kevin
They came to us in our worst weeding time! So Kathleen and Kevin did a lot of weeding, but they fortunately also had enough time to do some siteseeing by cycling, visiting Amsterdam and DJ Tiesto and to go sailing with us for one afternoon. Made a very very hot chili!

Kathleen wrote: I left BuitenBant with a cleared mind and renewed spirit- my two weeks on the farm were a refreshing break and allowed me to take time to look at my life and what I wanted for the future. The atmosphere on the farm was, in my opinion, exactly as Tineke had hoped: full of growth and openness in a calm, serene, and beautiful environment. I also left with a newfound respect for the hard work of an organic farmer! After many hours of pesticide-free weeding, those organic labels on the grocery store have new meaning. I was glad to have learned so many interesting things about the process of organic farming, beekeeping, growing fruits and vegetables, and can’t wait to start my Dutch-inspired garden once I’m back in California. Thanks Tineke and Herma for such a wonderful experience.

Michal came as a surprise and stayed for more than a month. We had a wonderful time full off joy, work and good cooking. We became friends for live. Michal took very good care of the beautiful flowers (lady in green and calendula). She also taught us the principle: be wise, not tough. And learned us how to make homemade pizza and pita!